2023.09.22 - 2023.10.04

Celebrating Sportsmanship: IICT Sports Week 2023

Celebrating Sportsmanship: IICT Sports Week 2023

ShellBeeHaken is thrilled to present IICT Sports Week 2023! We are delighted to announce our proud sponsorship for the much-anticipated IICT Sports Week 2023, organized by the SWE Society. This exciting event unfolded from September 22, 2023, to October 4, 2023, at the prestigious Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST) campus.

The Games

The IICT Sports Week 2023 was more than just a series of games; it was a celebration of talent, passion, and community spirit. Throughout the event, participants engaged in a dynamic array of indoor and outdoor games, fostering camaraderie and promoting healthy competition. The games played during this exhilarating sports extravaganza included Ludo, Chess, FIFA, Carrom, Pen Fight, Uno, and Table Tennis. These diverse offerings provided a platform for students of SUST and members of the SWE department to showcase their skills and sportsmanship.

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Giving Speech

Supporting Sportsmanship

At ShellBeeHaken, we are passionate about empowering and supporting vibrant events like the IICT Sports Week that bring together talented individuals and create a harmonious environment for learning and growth. We believe in the enduring spirit of competition and the values it instills in participants. Let us cheer them on as they compete in the spirit of sportsmanship, partnership, and healthy competition.

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