Movie Watching Day Out

Movie Watching Day Out

Recently released movie 'Hawa' created a lot of buzz all over the country. So, we decided to watch that movie . At first we faced some hiccups arranging the tickets. After several attempts, our team had arranged the ticket. On August 9th, all the members watched the movie together at the Bashundhara Shopping Complex's Star Cineplex movie theatre.

Sharing The Experience!

We chose an afternoon show and got the venue after lunchtime. Within short time the movie became everyone’e favorite and we all the teammates absorbed in. The movie ‘Hawa’ was based on mystery genre that was plotted in the Bay of Bengal. The cinematography in this movie was world-class. Especially, that scene with a whale flipping over the sea surface was a marvelous shot. We get to see some scenes from the fisherman's life at various stages of their daily activities as well. The movie took a grip on everyone’s focus with its unpredictable pace. A further memorable moment happened while watching the movie when the entire audience sang along to the well-known song 'Shada Shada Kala Kala'.

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A wonderful time passed!

During the intermission, a few members went to get some snacks for all and missed a crucial scene. The entire team enjoyed snacks from the Star Cineplex food corner, like popcorn, chicken fingers, and cold drinks. As the show was over, we took some group photos and discussed the overview of the movie with each other. Finally, we had a memorable time together with all the members present at the show.

Second Year Anniversary!

Buffet Iftar